28 December 2011

dragon falls to the sword.

 upon their departure from the seaside, the dragon and the lady, quite famished from having swum several leagues that morning, began hunting for a hearty meal. being opposed to the consumption of animal flesh, the pair were tantalized by mutual mind meanderings of legumes and root vegetables, but alas they could find neither. although they eventually foraged for truffles and were fully prepared to gorge themselves on the succulent green foliage nearby, the compañeros knew that without protein they would not be sustained for long, and plunged northward away from the sea to find more food.

after little success acquiring nutrition, the lady and the dragon ventured into a cave where they planned to spend the night. luckily neither feared the dark for they had only a small lump of paraffin for light. they heard bats chirping overhead as they explored the cave in the hopes of finding a comfortable wall to rest against.
just as they were settling in to the coziest spot - albeit dank and guano-soaked - a hulking, sinister-looking man stepped into view wearing what the lady and the dragon immediately recognized as the Wayne family crest. his face obscured by a black rubber mask, complete with pointy ears, the terribly tall figure brandished a shining silver sword. in a fury, he swung it at the dragon clipping tufts of the beast's luxuriant rust-colored locks as he brought the blade down.
"there is something out there in the darkness, something terrifying, something that will not stop until it gets revenge... me," (1) growled the man.

"are you certain?" dragon called out to the shadowy figure. "because to me, you look like my lady, except male and disguised as a medievel Batman."

"you are so right, my clever bearded friend," asserted the lady. "it is my blessed and Batman-crazed younger brother!"
"frick and frack," shouted the figure, sinking to his rubber-padded knees. as he stepped into the candlelight, it became apparent that he was indeed the lady's brother, and not from another mother but from the very same flaxen-haired, agile-minded mother who birthed them both, the mother they continued to torment with echoing belches and other baffoonery whenever they could. "sorry i nipped your coat, dragon. and nice to meet you by the way."

"you're forgiven. got any snacks? i'd settle for a sock or two," said the dragon.

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