13 November 2012

dragon slurps ayurvedic plant bits.

the indecision over whether or not to continue traveling that had lately arisen between the miniature monster and his long-haired lady friend was for the moment submerged beneath the waves of their mutual love for adventure. a rainy plain stretched in front of them, alight with silvery branches of lightning, which the duo looked out on in both anticipation and consternation. neither had packed a raincoat.
"if we can make it to that cave ahead, i'm sure we can dry out there for the night," suggested the dragon. unlike the lady, he remained positive no matter what treacherous surroundings they found themselves in the midst of.
"i'm sure you're right, little one, but we must be wary of trolls. have you already forgotten the unfortunate incident with that bridge and those goats?" the lady reminded him, characteristically backward-looking and naysayerly.
"forgotten? never will i ever forget that smell - cabrito and troll dung. most awful." with that, the dragon bounded off slightly ahead of the lady, making sure to keep close enough that he could come to her aid if needed. although he knew she traveled with a rapier lashed to her dimpled yet muscular thigh, he also knew that she was likely to heart-slash first and ask questions later. it was just this sort of impulsive behavior that had forced them to flee from the now-incinerated town they had most recently passed through.


meanwhile the lady had taken her etched silver flask and was sipping slowly on a mucilaginous mixture of water and plant husks she and dragon had collected several leagues back. dragon's nose had assured them both of the non-toxic nature of these plants.  likewise, the lady was certain she recognized these horse-shaped seeds as having ayurvedic properties highly regarded by many wizards she'd come across in recent years.
shortly after indulging in several sips, dragon bounded back, sensing of course that the lady was consuming something that he had not been offered. feeling slightly slighted, he jammed his spiny front claws upon her leg, as he so often did, and looked imploring into her eyes until she lowered her flask and he extended his tongue, licking greedily at the water-logged, slippery seeds inside.
almost immediately the pair began floating several feet off the ground. not startled in the least by this apparent magic (both were used to this sort of thing by now), the lady and her tiny dragon smiled knowingly and enjoyed the view from the top.

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