05 December 2011

meeting glitterbeard on the road to damascus.

an impenetrable forest seemed to twinkle ahead of them as they were walking to the sea. dragon had a craving for surfboard, while the lady only sought an escape from -10 degree windchill. the towering trees before them dazzled all four of their eyes to near blindness.
"is it a tautology to say the trees sparkle because the trees sparkle?" waxed the dragon.
suddenly a hooded figure burst out from the woody acres carrying with it the same sparkle that lay like a mist on the ominous tree trunks. it let out a terrifying xena-like war cry as it slowed to a gentle hover just above the pair's tawny heads.
"it is no tautology, puny dragon. it is i, the wizard glitterbeard who reigns ebullience upon my brother trees!" boomed the figure.

"uh...think you can you give us a lift?" asked the lady, emboldened despite the wizard's omniscient white light and obviously potent magics.
thinking ultimately of his rumbling belly, the dragon jumped up and called, "And do you happen to have any recently-worn socks?"

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